More Jello Progress

The last of jello molds was completed today.  Essentially, I took each cast and drilled a hole through its center, then put a stick through the center and placed the casting over a bed of plaster. 

All the castings but one came out cleanly except one.  The next step is to seal the mold.  THis will keep the plaster from soaking up the jello and fill in some of the small defects.

I also tested the melting rate of the jello.  The house is to cool to melt the jello in any timely fashion taking three days to show mild deformity.  After two days in the hot shed it melted a little faster, but after 20 minutes in a 175 degree oven the jello showed significant change.  I think we have a winner for melting the jello.

I had planned to pour concrete into the forms this morning but Lowes and Home Despot did not have the 6×6 brackets for the posts.  I am considering putting the post directly in the ground as opposed to just on top in brackets.  This would reduce any twisting from the wind we have.


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