In the course of investigating my practice it has occurred to me that there are a few issues that are pending investigation. First, thinking about how meaning is established, is it me? Does it come from some larger entity? Well, of course my language other cultural symbols initially are beyond my control, but where is the line where one affects the other? Can I influence larger cultural meaning as an individual? Perhaps if I was Lady Gaga. Within the course of my own life how does my experience determine my perception as opposed to larger cultural influence? Relatedly, how can I know what words I speak are mine and wha are parroted from culture? While I am the actor of speaking and the creator of their organization, is it just that I use established meaning or can I really make new meaning? Is it all just on some level re-hashed? I guess the quest is to find where the edges are? Where are the exchanges of meaning between the individual and culture.

As my next project I am making a manifesto of meaning translated into mathematical symbols. I am not sure what I think of it yet.

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