What is so inte…

What is so interesting to me is the way language constructs imagery, and how some words that are put together seem poetic, even if they are not really in the same logical group, and how others illicit a religious or political association even if the words themselves are benign.  This is the sort of idea that I have been working on with my latest video project. 

There are two words that are chosen from culturally divisive issues and then placed together around an operator of some kind, =+?! and so on.  The words and operator are put into a program that arbitrarily changes the words and operator every few seconds.  In the mean time the viewer can since the way the change in words and operators changes feelings, opinions and imagery.  The following is a list of words that could clearly be contextualize as about race, but what happens if I assume a denotative interpretation?  Can a cultural bias be ignored?  Do you feel attached to some and reject others?  Where do these feelings come from?  Did you decide them all on your own?  If not what other ideas attached to these did you learn?  Why do some make more sense that others?

Wittgenstien says that linguistic meaning is defined in its use and that we learn language in the same way we learn a game.  It is not enough to know what things are, but we must know what the rules are.  If asked what I want for dinner, can I say purple or Davey Crocket?  These do not exist within the realm of the rules.

What does it mean for money to be less than black?  Is it a social statement about human value or a commentary on Capitalism?  Money is green, is green less than black?  There are no answers, only observe yourself.

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