The last month has been a focus on investigating the possibilities of the proof poems and what they mean.  The poems are grounded in contemporary social-political discourse but are fundamentally an exploration of why particular ideologies are bound together, appropriated or taken as “truth”. It is intended that the poems have familiar or even provocative connotations, but beneath this initial interpretation is an attempt to understand the origin of meaning, the framework of its ongoing existence in dominant culture and the identification of who defines the validity of established meaning.

This analysis has led me to read Foucault, whose statement of the origination and perpetuation f meaning is stated above, to Wittgenstien whose pre-positivist musings establish logic, mathematics and the scientific method as the most viable means to establish what can be known.

At this point I find it interesting to think about the binding of meaning between two ideologies in a Structuralist way where in spite of the political overtones, the point is to uncover, or at least speculate, the underlying nature of cultural influence in terms of collections of power or at the very least to wonder about tenuous factual nature of any discourse.  The following truth poems are attempts to delve deeper into this philosophical quandary while at the same time dealing with contemporary cultural, and when I say cultural I mean American straight white male culture, issues.  The proofs are not intended to be true but are an ironic questioning of how they could be false.


Proof: burn the American flag = Terrorist


Proof: poor = lazy

proof: Terrorist = going to hell

proof: money = power

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